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Prophetic Journal and AuthorHouse Publishing presents:

"If My Gospel Is Hidden"

 by R.S. Neaville  

$10.75                          R.S. Neaville

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    If My Gospel Is Hidden" Is a revealing of the true Gospel message of Jesus as followed from the scriptures with out the added spin of many denominations and organizations. This book traces the simplicity and purity of the Gospel message from Adam and Eve all the way through Moses and the Law onto Jesus in his life, his death and resurrection. Through this examination we find meaning and answers to such questions as " How did Adam's sin affect all mankind?" and "Why did Jesus have to die?". This work lifts the message of Christ out of the realm of religion and platitude and shows its relevance for mankind today. Along the way the " Pattern of God" is introduced and the Bible suddenly becomes plain in its purpose and meaning. You will never look at the Bible in the same way again.

If My Gospel is Hidden should read, The Gospel Revealed! - November 27th, 2004
 by: jim sivage

If My Gospel Is Hidden is a very straight-forward, sober work that will point you in the right direction, giving you a great biblical foundation from which to build an enriched life in your Christian walk. The message of the entire book is clear and concise, going to the very heart of the subject matter. This is the Gospel Revealed!!!

Just as the Gospel should be, it bears out the simplicity of the bible; having the same purposeful theme. Like the apostle Paul, it tends to take the more complex elements and work toward their simplification (Although, with many points Paul was still a bit hard to understand). Not to worry with this publication as Mr. Neaville will explain every step to make the reader current of every running-thought in the book. Nothing is left to the imagination or self-interpretation because the author is very thorough.

Much prayer and research has went into this work. If you're serious about biblical principles... If you're serious about biblical truth... If you're serious about your personal walk with Christ... Then this is the book to read!

It's one of my best reads in recent, even not so recent memory. Except for the bible of course.

--Jim Sivage, Minister, teacher, singer/songwriter of 25 years.

   R.S. Neaville is both a writer and a teacher. He teaches from his pulpit daily on the internet in a number of ineractive voice programs and downloadable studies and audio sermons from his website at propheticjournal.net. The Christianity section of Paltalk.com is one of his main venues for preaching the Gospel on a daily basis. He holds intimate discussions and studies with groups of Christians on a variety of topics. He is the former host of the "Know the Truth" Radio Broadcast on KMNL in Amarillo Texas and Is currently a featured speaker on Know Radio ( http://knowingyou.org  ) and 3RD Day radio across the internet. He serves as an evangelist and speaker in churches throughout north Texas and Oklahoma. He contributes articles and studies on a regular basis to various internet and Christian resources and magazines.

    R.S. Neaville is one of the pioneers of this new opportunity to preach the Gospel via the world wide web attracting readers and listeners from around the globe. What makes him unique is his use of similitudes and metaphor in teaching that makes even the most complex of Bible principles unfold in a simple clarity. Neaville focuses on apologetics and a unity of the faith as well as the importance of personal prayer and scriptural study.





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