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Prophecy for the Last Days Church

We believe that God is currently giving dreams, visions and prophecies that affect the whole body of Christ in the last days. If the Lord is showing you something that needs to be shared please send it to us and after prayer we will post it on this site if we believe it is of the Lord. We want to publish what God is saying to his people world wide. send all your dreams. visions or prophecies to:prophecy@propheticjournal.net

Children of Famine

by R.S.Neaville


      I was driving down the highway in Dallas Texas at about 2:00 am. I was just heading home to Greenville from my job as a security supervisor. There were few cars out on the highway and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw an older maroon car passing me on my left. It was driven by a man of dark complexion; possibly Arabic or Indian. On the trunk of his car was a woman sitting facing me that he seemed to be oblivious to. He was traveling about 65 miles per hour and the woman was just sitting there on the rear of his vehicle with her long brown dress and and head covering blowing in the wind. She was wearing a veil over her face and I could just make out her eyes and she was looking at me. I was astonished to say the least. I only saw her for  a second or so and she disappeared. Still I continued to see her in my mind and her presence was still in the atmosphere of vision. In my mind she was still staring at me and riding on the back of this man's car. I began to pray to the Lord and I asked "What was that?" "Famine" came his one word answer. "famine" I said to myself. I didn't yet understand. The Lord then showed me that many immigrants had come to this country to escape famine. "They are the children of famine" he told me. They had come to this country to escape her and yet without realizing they had brought her with them. She comes with their culture and religion and beliefs. The Lord told me "famine" has come to this country with her children.

    This has an apparent meaning and prophecy for America. But it also has a deeper spiritual meaning for the Church. May the the Lord reveal to you.

God bless you..R.S. Neaville


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