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Prophecy for the Last Days Church

We believe that God is currently giving dreams, visions and prophecies that affect the whole body of Christ in the last days. If the Lord is showing you something that needs to be shared please send it to us and after prayer we will post it on this site if we believe it is of the Lord. We want to publish what God is saying to his people world wide. send all your dreams. visions or prophecies to:prophecy@propheticjournal.net


The Lamps of God, Nov. 30, 1997

As night approaches and darkness tries to cover the land, I am preparing lamps to shine forth and light the path for my people. Lights that are so bright the demons of darkness will flee at their approach, saith God. How will you recognize these lamps? Not by their outward appearance, for all can look holy on the outside.

These will shine with the glory of My Spirit, saith God. These will be fully immersed in the Holy Spirit. They will be in your midst and you will not see them. They will walk among you and you will not know them. They will be My army for these last days. They will be my warriors for this final battle. They will be My remnant church, for they have sought Me and My glory. They desire more of Me than all others. They will be the faithful ones who lead many on the path of salvation. They will teach many My ways. They will be the ones who dare to be different, who desire more, who will walk in power and authority. They will not fear for I will be with them in all they do, saith God. As I am a Spirit, so is My glory. Only in the spiritual can My glory be seen. In the spiritual the demons will see them coming with My glory emanating from them. As light overcomes darkness, so shall they overcome darkness. The paths they walk on will not be the same paths the church now walks on. It will be the path of My final warning to people everywhere.

Listen to what the Spirit is saying to My people. It is a time for My breath to breathe on My people, not for blessings they desire, but to blow the things of the world out so that nothing but Me remains, which is what I desire, saith the Lord.

Those who would be brave. Those who would desire to do mighty works for Me.

Prepare. For when you are fully immersed in the Holy Spirit, you come out a different creature.. Fully changed, created in My likeness, with a desire for the fullness of My glory. This is what causes the glory to manifest through them. Not for the world to see, but to lead My people back to Me, saith God. For I have chosen a remnant for this purpose. They are among you even now. Preparing, waiting, growing with the desire in their hearts to walk in My glory every day of the week. I have given them desires they don’t understand, so they seek Me more.

For what they desire they have not been able to find, so they seek Me more. There is something different but they don’t know what. It is time for them to find the answers they desire. For I am revealing these to them even now, saith the Lord.

Do not be afraid to be different. Do not be afraid to stray from tradition, for I am not tradition. Do not be afraid to walk in My glory. Arise and be what your spirit tells you you are. My army. My warriors. My faithful ones. My cream rises to the top, saith God. Arise and walk in the riches of My glory.

Jerry Porter

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