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The Basic Structure of the Book of Revelation

By R.S. Neaville



Chapters 1-3 introduce the reader to the letters to the seven Churches.At this point John in his vision is still on earth.


Chapters 4-5 Show John  taken up into heaven and shown the seven sealed scroll and the Lamb who is worthy to open them



Chapters 6-7 are the first six seals. They start with the revealing of Antichrist and go to the end with Jesus returning. It is a synopsis of the time period that covers runs from the "abomination of desolation" to Jesus coming and  beyond (Matthew 24:15-31)


Chapters 8-22 are all the revelation of the seventh seal. It covers the same time period of the previous 6 seals, but gives specific information from a variety of aspects. The seven trumpets and the seven bowls are included in the seventh seal. (we also get information in chapters 21-22 that detail beyond Jesus' second coming. In the six seals there are only allusions to what is next. here are details)