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Prophecy for the Last Days Church

We believe that God is currently giving dreams, visions and prophecies that affect the whole body of Christ in the last days. If the Lord is showing you something that needs to be shared please send it to us and after prayer we will post it on this site if we believe it is of the Lord. We want to publish what God is saying to his people world wide. send all your dreams. visions or prophecies to:prophecy@propheticjournal.net

The Stone Will Move

This is a prophesy the Lord gave me concerning the nations and and those hirelings that care nothing for the flock.

" Caress your gold, caress your lovers. Give one last fleeting glance to the pleasures of your life for I am about to strip you of them." What was given as a time of grace you used to serve your lust. You say in your heart of that Stone with vague chislings in its side. "It will not move"  and  " God is sleeping" No! I have not been asleep. I work by my own times that I have established." I have not been sleeping and niether has your destruction"  "You will be in shock when you see the rock that was silent suddenly move. You will see the finger of God once more trace the outlines of those chislings in the side of the rock with fire." The time of the gentiles will end, and its grace with it. In the previous days I held out my hands all day to an obstinate people. A people with hearts of stone. and I scattered them over all the earth. but there is a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them.
Now it is you who are an obstinate people. You have become as the Pharisees. Worthless shepards. My son through his own body and blood has opened the holy way and you do not enter. You keep others from entering who would. I will whip those who make merchandise of the flock and chase them from my Temple, my people. My people will be a house of prayer. I will strip the hireling of his crook and mantle. Instead I will give them to my own children, true shepards that will care for the flock. I have rised myself says the Lord.  I have not been sleeping. And niether has your destruction you nations. Judge comes first to my house.

11/3&4/2002 R.S. Neaville

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