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Prophecy for the Last Days Church

We believe that God is currently giving dreams, visions and prophecies that affect the whole body of Christ in the last days. If the Lord is showing you something that needs to be shared please send it to us and after prayer we will post it on this site if we believe it is of the Lord. We want to publish what God is saying to his people world wide. send all your dreams. visions or prophecies to:prophecy@propheticjournal.net

The Waking Bride

     The Lord showed me a women dressed in an off white gown asleep on a veil covered bed. The veil was sheer and lace. She was beautiful and pale. Suddenly her eyes started to flutter open and then she sat up. As she started to leave the bed I heard the voice as of an unseen servant ask her "Will you go to seek your husband now?"  "No, not yet." she replied. "First I must prepare myself. I must launder my garment and bathe. Then I heard the unseen servant muse aloud " She is indeed a wise woman. She seeks only to honer her husband who is coming for her soon.

     I knew this was the Church and that it is a prophecy that she is about to awaken. She must walk in repentance and humility to be prepared to meet Jesus when he returns. She must wash her garments in blood and to make them white, which are the righteous acts of the saints. She must return to the works she did at first. She must be a bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish. The Lord further told me later that he has not bartered with the Earth all these years for a harlot. He has bartered for a virtuous woman and he shall have her.

R.S. Neaville   06/07/2005

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